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EPS are able to provide a full and comprehensive range of services for the swimming pool contractor and pool owner. Since EPS was founded by a consultation company, you can be sure that design and technical considerations will be attended to.

Building Design

No, EPS does not claim to be an architectural practise, in the same way that very few architects have experience of the needs of the indoor pool building. With many hundreds of indoor pool projects to our name we have much advice to offer the design team........


Environmental control - the full turn key approach

From assessing the initial outline planning drawings, through installation, commissioning and user training. EPS can provide the project support to ensure the end result functions as it should.......


Changing rooms and other adjacent areas

The modern domestic pool building is becoming more like a small leisure centre and the adjacent areas may need heating/cooling and hot and cold water. Let EPS amalgamate these related services into the main plant......

Filtration and Chemical dosing
From pool water circulation, sand filters and chemical dosing, through to Ozone and Ultra violet systems, EPS have the experience and capability.....

Pool construction ancillaries

Automatic pool covers require concealing to minimise the visual impact. The best way to achieve this is with one of our stainless steel beam and tray assemblies, designed to take your surround tiling.....


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