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Indoor swimming pools are pretty special enclosures. They need to be well insulated to minimise energy costs, and be maintained above the dew point of the pool room air. At typical operating conditions this means that all surfaces (that the air may come into contact with) need to be kept above 22 deg C. The building needs to do this whilst looking pretty enough to warrant all this expense!

EPS can assist the building designer with : -

bulletAdvising on vapour barriers, insulation and vapour permeability.
bulletThe merits and disadvantages of warm deck and cold deck construction.
bulletHow to avoid cold bridging on structural elements.
bulletWhen roof glazing is possible without serious condensation problems.
bulletBuilding products which have a successful record when used in pool rooms

General services advice

With a broad background covering initially mechanical and electrical building services, extending into the more specialised areas associated with leisure centres and pools, EPS can provide additional assistance outlined below.

Sizing of incoming gas/oil electrical and  water supplies.
Feasibility of alternative energy sources such as ground source heat pumps and solar. Discharge to waste including soak-aways, de-chlorination tanks and mains drainage
Services related building design
Locations and sizes of plant areas.
Available routes and options for ductwork, over-head, under-ground, exposed powder coated. Minimising the visual impact of ducts serving roof lights
Ground water issues with under-ground ducting
Beam and block flooring
The majority of indoor pool schemes utilise under-ground air ducts with long outlet air grilles in front of the external glass. This always creates problems with the most popular floor construction method-beam and block flooring. EPS have developed several methods to accommodate this conflict.


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