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Changing areas, and for that matter any of the adjacent areas "supporting" the use of the leisure facility will also require some form of heating and ventilation. For many of our clients it makes financial and design sense to incorporate these services into our package to ensure a fully co-ordinated design with minimal risk. It's called keeping your contractual eggs in one basket!

EPS would not recommend attempting to extend the pool room scheme to serve these areas. The results are seldom satisfactory. Adjacent areas always need cooler and less humid conditions than the main pool room

Typical adjacent area requirements

bulletRadiator or under-floor heating controlled as independent zones.
bulletDomestic hot and cold water, water pressure boosting, mains fed schemes.
bulletFresh air ventilation, either by total loss or using a recuperator (heat exchanger).
bulletAir cooling/air conditioning to receptions, gymnasiums, conservatories.


All the above schemes are designed installed by EPS' own engineers, to our exacting standards. We have a reputation to protect and want it to remain intact.

Boiler plant
A huge variety of diverse boiler loads can be provided for by a single boiler system. The central boiler scheme could be as small as a 24kW wall mounted gas boiler to a modular system incorporating several boilers giving a total output of several hundred kW. EPS have designed and installed schemes at both ends of the spectrum. All items are designed in house including complex twin wall modular flue systems fabricated from polished stainless steel.
Domestic hot and cold water
From a single basin outlet to a water pressure boosting scheme providing 34 simultaneous showers and automatic pre-swim drench systems - EPS can assist
From a simple toilet extract fan to a comprehensive leisure complex BMS controlled ventilation scheme- EPS have the experience to draw upon.
Air cooling
Split system AC units from wall mounted, cassettes, ceiling void ducted units. EPS have their own experience refrigeration engineers to install these and maintain our energy efficient refrigeration based heat recovery dehumidifiers. Provide the right environment for aerobic rooms and machine gyms, let us install from the ranges of Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin


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