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EPS are the acknowledged experts in indoor pool environmental control, and the majority of our systems are "packages" or turn key systems. So what would this normally entail?

EPS would be provided with early copies of the outline plans, and with our building design hat on, would suggest minor rearrangements required to suit the scheme.

The clients expectations, temperatures, expected usage are all factored into the appraisal.  At this stage we can normally provide budgets for the design and installation of the necessary equipment. On agreeing terms we would then provide detailed drawings for approval, amending where required.

From agreed design drawings, installation would progress, linking our work with an agreed programme through to commissioning, instruction and hand over.

A typical "turnkey" scheme would include : -

bulletComprehensive AutoCad format design drawings
bulletDehumidification unit, either a standard package, or custom built.
bulletAir distribution ductwork and powder coated grilles.
bulletOil or gas boiler plant, wall mounted, floor standing, modular, condensing
bulletComprehensive controls package and wiring of all heating and pool plant
bulletUnder-floor heating to the pool surround


EPS have impressive experience in all manner of pool environmental control schemes and are pleased to trouble shoot existing schemes, offering cost effective remedies to existing problems. We have a good portfolio of system refurbishments on pools as diverse as a 9 metre domestic pool to a 45 metre school installation.

The specialised nature of our chosen trade means that we are called to work throughout the UK, and our present work load includes pool as far apart as Preston in Lancashire and Compton Valence in Dorset

Air handling systems
Where standard equipment from the established pool air handling unit manufacturers is unable to meet the more demanding application, EPS will design a bespoke system and have it manufactured to our specification. This would normally include powder coated internals and fully proportional controls for the air heating and fresh air introduction.
For large existing commercial systems, which have passed the stage of economical repair, EPS can offer removal (to risk assessed task sheets including asbestos isolation), crane-age of old and new plant, and re-instatement to the original or new boiler plant and electrics. This is normally done to stringent programme dates to ensure minimum down time and lost revenue.
EPS provide these services from the smallest domestic installation through to large commercial systems. It's a well used cliche but nothing is too large or too small!


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