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The engineers viewing these pages may get excited by the sight of boilers, fans, ducting and electrical panels. For the majority I suspect that images of some of our prettier pool hall projects will be of greater interest : -


One of our earlier pool projects constructed during a major building re-modelling exercise.......

Kimbolton School Pool

A major work including all the ancillary area services.......


A beautiful domestic pool in the Essex village

A selection of typical EPS projects

Plenty of images on this page so be patient with the download time....

Control Panels

EPS are justifiably proud of our control systems which are designed and built in our Basildon works.

The EPS Pilot

For Variheat units and other units with basic integral controls

The "Pilot" is an example of a special controller that EPS have developed and funded to fill a void in the UK supply network. If you have a regular need for a presently unavailable control, let us investigate putting it into production



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