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Kimbolton School Pool



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 25 metre school pool, constant depth, deck level (over-flow)

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Calorex HRD 15 provides heated and dried air in conjunction with modular boiler plant (red box just visible to right of HRD)


The Kimbolton project gave EPS a free rein to provide the best in energy efficiency within a reasonable budget.

Systems installed by EPS

bulletCalorex HRD 15, insulated concealed ducts, powder coated exposed ducts, fire dampers and powder coated grilles.
bulletTwin 100 kW boiler modules, common manifold system and pumps for four zones of heating.
bulletPlate heat exchanger for pool water heating.
bullet3 recuperator air handling units for male, female and lobby ventilation.
bulletUnderfloor heating to the changing areas.
bulletDomestic hot and cold water. Direct oil fired water heater.
bulletControl panel and plant room wiring for the heating scheme
bulletControl panel and plant room wiring for the pool systems


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