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The EPS pilot has been developed initially as a replacement for the Sensair "indoor pool control panel" as marketed by Certikin. The unit went out of production and as existing units failed owners were left in a predicament. As well as the intended replacement market, Pilot panels are also being installed to control free-standing dehumidifiers such as the Calorex Vaporex and Monitair units where a more sophisticated control is required.

The clear displays on the Pilot are used to control room humidity, pool water temperature and pool air temperature. The pool air is controlled at two levels, when the cover is on, and when the cover is off. Two levels of humidity control are provided which can be used to start a ventilation fan if required.

Full details and outline wiring information are available to plan the installation

As part of the development of the EPS Pilot, a face-lift was provided in January 2007.

The new face plate design has the advantage that it can be produced in a customised or "branded" design for pool contractors and this can be offered for even single orders.

Electronically the unit is the same, so existing wiring diagrams are still current.


The new unit is shown above complete with standard water temperature sensor (on right), duct mounted air sensor (on left) and wall mounted air sensor (in centre).

The pilot comes with the water sensor and a combined air humidity and air temperature sensor. The choice of whether a wall sensor or duct sensor is used may depend on the existing wiring. A duct sensor does provide the most "dynamic" response and would be the normal recommendation. Duct sensors are not normally suitable for installations that use the plant room as a "plenum chamber".

For an outline wiring diagram contact EPS and we will be happy to send a PDF or fax to assist you plan the installation.


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