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Oundle School Pool Refurbishment

preparing for another 30 years

23 Aug 2003 -- Some 30 years after the construction of the swimming pool at Oundle school, general deterioration of the building and pool shell dictated a major refurbishment was undertaken. The old H&V scheme had undoubtedly assisted with the building deterioration, being a basic fresh air introduction scheme with roof mounted fans to extract the heated humid air to waste. The pool is one of the larger indoor pools in the country, being almost 45 metres long.

EPS were awarded the refurbishment and wasted no time in stripping out the existing plant.

John Scott explained : - " I estimated that around 8 tonnes of existing H&V plant had to be removed before any other trades could commence. There was an old Allen Ygnis boiler which one its own accounted for 3 tonnes. It was all disconnected and removed from site within a week in order to maintain the demanding 3 month programme.

Of course the new scheme will focus on energy efficiency and central to that is a new dehumidification scheme based around a Calorex HRD 25. As an indication of the improved efficiencies, the boiler we removed was 1200 kW. We replaced that with 4 modules totalling 400kW!!

EPS will also be installing a direct fired hot water generator, potable water storage, potable water pressure boosting, and will be plumbing in the new equipment in the re-modelled changing facilities. The changing areas will also get a boost from a new ventilation system based around one of EPS's heat recovery ventilator units.


Update for June 06

The full energy audit performed in January 2006 revealed that energy consumption had dropped to just over a third of the levels prior to thje installation of EPS's scheme. These independant figures which are available for the bursary of Oundle School as an Excel document will be uploaded to this site shortly.



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