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Kimbolton pool has energy efficiency confirmed

3 year old EPS project still winning praise

23rd August 2003 -- Some 3 years after the completion of the indoor pool at Kimbolton School, praise is still being received for the design and nature of the installation.

EPS's MD John Scott comments

"The project managers and Bursar called EPS in at the design stage and we were consequently invited onto the design team. Around a year later we were awarded the contract to install the scheme we had helped design. We provided heating and ventilation throughout the pool and changing facilities, under-floor heating, modular boilers, a Calorex HRD pool dehumidifier and a custom built EPS Recuperator to the changing rooms. We even provided all the pool system controls and plant room electrics for Barr and Wray who installed the filtration. Hot and cold water supply was also part of our package including a direct fired water heater, large bore pipe mains and secondary return loop"

The philosophy of maximising energy conservation is still paying off. Kimbolton recently employed the services of an energy consultant to assess potential energy savings at the school and he walked away from the pool complex with no suggestions!

John continued.. "in a competitive tender situation with equivalents being accepted, and cost being the prime motivation, it is normally impossible to win a contract with a sound energy conserving design. In this instance we specified what we felt should be installed. The submitted prices stood by that spec. The client is now reaping the benefits of what was possibly a higher initial outlay, by using less energy every day. "



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